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Dearest anyone who reads this:
We are making a new account-

Running Shadows

If you enjoy our music, or if you are bored and have time, please visit this new account

Thanks and peace out

Hello world!

2011-04-18 07:29:17 by JebusAndTheHolyYoses

Hello fans (?) and everyone else. Guess what! I have a present for you. Wanna know what it is? Do you really wanna know what it is? You sure? Aight. It's a little song I wrote just for you, called Heliosis.

Go ahead.
Take a peak.




2009-06-21 02:16:38 by JebusAndTheHolyYoses

Currently, we are working on a multitude of projects! New submissions will be on the way shortly!

But in the meantime, we started our own website on a free domain. Feel free to check that out. It's pretty flashy looking. We still need to get more of our music up on there, but please do take a look:

Thank you,

Jebus and the Holy Yoses

2009-06-07 17:59:40 by JebusAndTheHolyYoses

Two more projects are due to be finished by this weekend!
Yes, we have been very productive lately...

So keep checking out our stuff and feel free to contact us.

So, we have a modest collection of works thus far. Please listen! Please rate! Please review!
We need input.
Your feedback will allow us to make improvements in the future!

If you have any questions, comments, whatever, DON'T HESITATE! Just give us a shout!

Jebus and the Holy Yoses

Jebus and the Holy Yoses

We are planning on starting a couple more projects this week.

More songs released tonight!
And many more in the future...

Hello everyone!
Tonight we are posting a couple more songs.
Be on the lookout.
We may also post more on Saturday.
All feedback, comments, questions are appreciated.

-Jebus and the Holy Yoses

This is a collab account between Spikel and GibbiusMaximus.

We're going to submit a few songs this upcoming Saturday, so keep on the lookout.